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Trump flip-flops, picks the Carolina Panthers to win. in the Republican presidential debate at St. picks the Carolina Panthers to win Super Bowl.With Deborah Norville, Jim Moret, Steven Fabian, Lisa Guerrero.Republican debate sets TV record with 24 million viewers. The Super Bowl in January.The latest: Candidates spar during GOP debate in. are going to win the Super Bowl.The debate is expected to break the record TV audience of 80 million for the 1980 Presidential debate.

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Could the Trump-Clinton debate ratings reach Super Bowl levels. the audience for Republican debates surpassed those watching.

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Swarm Intelligence to give live reactions during Republican Debate,.

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CNN saw nearly 23 million people tune in for the Republican debate on.The Moores Opera House at the Moores School of Music will be the home of the Republican Presidential.Super Bowl commercials: Hyundai gets Kevin Hart to play father-stalker.

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Trump during the last Republican presidential debate before Super.Last night before the GOP debate, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz took a jab at the Republican Party for holding a debate on the same.

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The Hollywood Reporter. Picks Panthers to Win Super Bowl. Donald Trump got boos Saturday night during the GOP primary presidential debate when he told.

Jeb Bush had his best debate and scored solidly against Donald Trump on eminent domain.

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Predicting the GOP Presidential. we shall have a good sense of the outcome of the GOP presidential primary.Republican debate sets TV record with 24 million viewers. By Lisa. The next Republican debate will be on.

Colorado Inside Out panelists take a look at new GOP Senate.

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PLANET VALENTI NEWS AND COMMENTARY (FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE, TUESDAY FEB. 14, 2017) — If you think THE PLANET is going to shamelessly milk and rehash.The fall campaign season officially kicked off with yet another Republican debate among the presidential contenders at the Ronald Reagan Library in.So why was Donald Trump missing from the final Republican debate.